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Five Mukhi Rudraksha is a five-faced rudraksha which is also known as Panchmukhi  Rudraksha. It is an identity of kalagni Rudra (form of Lord Shiva) and is like a Jyotish or religious remedy to treat the malefic effect of planet Jupiter. A natural five Mukhi rudraksha bead consists of 5 clefts or lines on its surface and is used for chanting mantras. Out of all the Rudraskhas trees produce, 5 Mukhi is the highest in number.  

The five-faced Rudraksha helps in attaining mental, religious, and spiritual growth. The Rudraksha is most commonly used in Vastu as it has the ability for protection. The five faces pure Rudraksha helps to attain self-confidence and improves your creativity. The Rudraksha helps to achieve academic excellence. For the students, who are weaker in studies, the panch Mukhi rudraksha is advantageous for academic excellence. It is the most widely available variety among the rudrakshas.


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